Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bigos (Pork Backbone)

Recipe for Pork Backbone submitted by Eva G.

Can be used in Bigos, which is a traditional Polish recipe:

1 lb sauerkraut (home made, or from a jar or plastic bag - not canned)

handful of dried mushrooms (the stronger flavored the better)

1/2-1 lb pork backbone or ribs (something fatty with bones)

1 sliced large onion

black peppercorns

(no need for salt since sauerkraut is cabbage cured in salt)

Soak dried mushrooms overnight covered in water. Put some vegetable oil in a large heavy pot, heat. Stir sliced onions into the oil, let soften. Put in sauerkraut and meat. Slice mushrooms, put the soaking water and mushrooms into the pot. Once the whole thing simmers, turn heat down. Stir. Let simmer at least a hour, until meat is tender and falling off the bones. May eat now or let sit overnight or longer - the longer this sits, the better the flavor. Serve with whole potatoes or really good, thick rye or pumpernickel.

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